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Outdoor lager-scaled LED display screen from VISS
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VISS large LED leasing display weight light, and structure thin, has lifting and shortcut installation function, such to meet leasing occasions requirements of fast installation demolition handling, requirements; while, easy handling, and easy operation, whole screen handling by fast bolt fixed and connection, can precise and fast to frame screen and split screen, and can spell different shape to meet site requirements; process unique: unique welding process optimization of structure design, avoid frequently of handling led to of electronic products welding points contact bad led to of fault site, status; Main applications: 1. advertising to attract customers. 2. to store decorations and improving the role of. 3. lighting, offbeat roles. 4. play the role of universal access to knowledge. (Can be used to play little information of the enterprise, knowledge of the industry) 5. play the role of bulletin boards. (Promotion and recruitment information) 6. play the role of the atmosphere. By displaying a screen playing the leaders and a variety of welcome of VIPs come to visit, guidance, major festivals celebrating the word and so on. Outdoor LED display outdoors in recent years is one of the most popular products, with high stability, high brightness, widely used for outdoor commercial display market in the world, make the P10 outdoor displays of "star product", but also because the display effect is outstanding, get clients and contractors alike and affirmation. As a high-tech enterprise, VISS LIGHTING has been working to further explore overseas markets. In addition to providing excellent products, also provides comprehensive services and customer training how to install, even thousands of miles to onsite support. We take the customer as the core, provides a full range of services, anytime, anywhere write a brilliant.

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Outdoor lager-scaled LED display screen from VISS
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