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About Topiat

  • We believe that discovering great new things should be quick and fun.

  • We believe that creators want to spend more time creating and less time marketing.

  • We believe that there are people who are very good at collecting and making sense of new content, and that these leaders want to be recognized and rewarded for their discovery talent.

  • We believe that these problems are interconnected and require an interconnected solution. It is our hope that Topiat will be that solution. There really needs to be one.

We are a small, passionate group who with elbow grease and determination have managed to get topiat where it currently is.

Steffon Davis: Founder/CEO, organizes development, front-end developer. You can email him at .

Marvin Meyers: Back-end programmer: Cross-server communication, Ruby on Rails, Javascript.

Alejandro Fonseca: Master coder.

Yudan Li: Master coder.