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alejo_fonck "I need recommendations on nice black flat shoes for an exotic friend who wants to wear with a black dress"
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sarajade I love black flats and a little pop of color makes all of the difference!
alejo_fonck Really appreciate the suggestion, I love it, Thanks! Though, it may be better all black...

Scandalous Make sure she sees this one. I think it's the cutest of the completely black flats.
alejo_fonck Love it, Thanks!

Scandalous These Kate Spades are my favorite black flat, but cost $225 so they aren't for the budget conscious: I didn't see a purchase requirement or a price range on your request so I thought I'd recommend my favorite! However, please also look at my collection of cute, reasonably priced black flats. If you don't like this Kate Spade I have more of my favorites in that collection! I hope you find the perfect pair.
alejo_fonck Initidal feedback about this particular shoe was: "Its cute but I'm looking for something all black without any pattern", she'll look at the collection though.